Shelter Coordinator

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The Shelter Coordinator, as part of the Operations team, is responsible for ensuring that operation of YWCAMC’s Shelter Services programs are efficient and ensures quality services for clients, victims, stakeholders and visitors.

-Supports daily operations and maintains open communications to ensure quality program goals and objectives are met.
-Works in coordination with the Manager of Direct Services to ensure all the organization’s operations are efficient, including hotline, shelter, facilities, resource center and intake processes.
-Identifies operational challenges or problems and works with management and others throughout the agency to resolve.
-Oversees Shelter Advocates, including hiring, training, orienting, mentoring, and evaluating; implements a clear case management strategy; works alongside the Human Resources department to ensure a quality and responsive workforce.
-Develops and adheres to an annual work plan with clear outcomes and deliverables.
-Oversees quality improvement of shelter and hotline operations including ensuring timely response to requests and suggestions from clients and others in the community regarding operations and practices with the goal to continuously improve client/resident care.
-Assists agency management in preparation of program reports, grants and other shelter documents.
-Assists in developing and ensuring implementation of all program policies and procedures; maintaining records and compliance.
-Participates in policy reviews, strategic planning, and program analysis for outcome achievement and client satisfaction.
-Actively participates in and leads, as appropriate, program meetings and committees and ensures timely and responsive follow up.
-Coordinate and provide weekly house meetings to assign chores, identify needs and concerns, clarify rules and policy, provide information, referrals, and peer support;
-Coordinate and facilitate conflict resolution between Shelter residents.
-Organizes and facilitates weekly staff meetings to ensure accurate communication and transparency of operations.
-Assist in developing internal resources, policies and procedures for the organization as they pertain to direct service in the Shelter.
-Develops an outward facing strategy to encourage greater engagement with potential referral sources. Maintains an up to date database of all such sources.
-Maintains a safe and supportive atmosphere; ensure residents’ adherence to Shelter policies and procedures.
-Provide advocacy on behalf of domestic violence survivors and broker relationships with city agencies, other service providers, and school districts within Monterey County.
-Maintain written records of individual meetings, exit surveys, referrals, and communication with external sources.
-Respond to crisis calls, emergencies and Shelter functions as needed.
Answer forwarded crisis line calls as scheduled.
-Works to establish effective working relationships with other agencies in the communities served.
-Works as a member of interdisciplinary team in order to achieve the highest operational goal attainment possible.
-Performs other duties as assigned.

-Flexibility, creativity, self-motivation and the ability to establish rapport with a culturally diverse population.
-Sensitivity to the needs of families in crisis.
-Strong analytical skills – able to solve problems, make decisions, perform crisis intervention, etc.
-Ability to prioritize tasks.
-Case management experience.
-Experience in supervising a diverse team and creating a learning environment.
-Willing to follow supervisory directions and attend trainings, staff meetings and conferences as needed for the position.
-Flexibility to cover shifts as needed.
-Good computer skills, with the ability to maintain accurate electronic records.
-Good communication and interpersonal problem resolution skills.
-Working knowledge of typical needs and issues of target population.
-Knowledge and understanding of domestic violence, homelessness and interventions in residential settings.

-Bachelor’s degree in human services, mental health or related field required. -Master’s Degree preferred.
-Minimum of 3 years’ experience in human services, social work, mental health, substance abuse or residential care.
-Supervisory experience required.

Bilingual Spanish/English.

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