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YWCA-MC makes a difference every day for women, men and families fleeing domestic violence and human trafficking.

Monterey County Gives

We offer a way out Monterey County Givesthrough:

Emergency Crisis Shelter

24 Hour Crisis Line and Support

Legal Aid

Therapy Services

Housing Services

Youth Education

Community Training

And more!



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Donate now and your gift will be matched through Monterey County Gives! Now through December 31st, your gift to YWCA-MC will be increased by a percentage match thanks to a collaboration between the Community Foundation for Monterey County, the Monterey Peninsula Foundation and the Monterey County Weekly.

By Clicking on the Donate Button, you will be directed to MCGives! webpage where you may safely make a charitable donation directly to YWCA-Monterey County.

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If you would like to donate via a check please contact YWCA-MC by calling 831-662-8602 for information.

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If you are 70 1/2 or older, you can make a gift from your IRA account up to $100,000 per year. It qualifies toward your required minimum distribution (RMD) which can lower your income and taxes. If you are married and file jointly, your spouse can also make a gift of up to $100,000 from his or her IRA. Contact the Community Foundation for Monterey County at 831.375.9712 for instructions or to learn more.

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Advocates Call on Governor Newsom

For Immediate Release May 10, 2021

Contact: Lucas Zucker, Policy Director, CAUSE (805) 216-8566, lucas@causenow.org

Immigrant advocates praise stimulus package, but call on Governor Newsom to address the larger gap of immigrants left out of unemployment benefits.