Human Trafficking Safehouse Eligibility Requirements

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YWCA Human Trafficking Safe House Program

Eligibility Guidelines

• Must be a victim of Human Trafficking within 1 year of intake call.
• Must be in immediate danger and/or on the verge of becoming homeless due to human trafficking situation(s).
• Must be 18 years of age or older.
• Must be free of all alcohol and drugs for at least 6 months and be able to provide proof of sobriety and/or recovery program.
• Anyone convicted of a felony, violent offence or sexual offence will not be accepted into the program. Please note that a criminal background check MAY be conducted.
• Must be willing to adhere to all program guidelines and be highly self-motivated.
• Must be willing to work closely with case manager and referring agencies.
• Must create a safety plan prior to entering the program.
• Must be able to actively look for and secure employment within 45 days of case manager assigning task.
• If attending school in addition to working, must provide a copy of school schedule.
• If admitted with children; children must under the age of 18 and must be registered and attend school. Home schooling will not be accepted.

Reasons for Non-Eligibility

• If victim cannot identify timeframe, location(s), and type of trafficking situation(s).
• If trafficker lives within close vicinity of the safe house, we would not admit based on safety concerns. We may refer to another Safe House Program.
• If caller is extremely uncooperative and questions all rules, we can expect she will not be able to cooperate with program guidelines.
• This program is not equipped to serve clients who have severe psychiatric diagnosis, unless they are currently taking medication, have been stable for a minimum of 3 months, and have been under a doctor’s care.
• If an individual is currently addicted to drugs or alcohol, they will need to go into a recovery program for a minimum of 90 days before admitted into this program.
• If a victim has a physical, mental, or medical condition that would prevent her from participating independently in the program.


*Eligibility reviewed by Program Manager, Advocates, and Administrative Staff

To apply for the Human Trafficking Program, follow these steps:

Step I:
• For an initial phone screening, please contact the YWCA Crisis Line at (831) 757-
1001. We must speak to the individual interested in services.
• An Initial Referral Form may be filled out by a referring agency who thinks that the
applicant would benefit from the HT Program. The intake form can be submitted by
email or fax.
Step II:
• After reviewing the initial intake form, an Advocate will schedule an in person or
call with the individual seeking to enter the HT Program for a full screening.
• This is the opportunity to ask and answer questions from both parties and for the
YWCA to provide an overview of the program guidelines and expectations.
• At the end of the screening, it will be known if Step III is in order.
Step III:
• After the full screening, the applicant may be asked to fill out further forms for
• We recommend that she fills forms out herself, but encourage that she does it in the
presence of a support person to assist in processing any triggering questions.
*Once the screening is conducted, full application and forms are submitted; we will meet as
a team and make the decision on acceptance. Decisions could take up to one week.
*Please note that space is limited and if we are unable to accept residents, applicants will be waitlisted and shall be served on a first come first serve basis.