Human Trafficking Services

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Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking…

is a form of modern-day slavery that is widespread and occurs in the United States, California, and our County. It is one of the largest criminal industries in the world and the fastest growing. Traffickers do not discriminate; they target the young and the old, men and women, and people from all social economic backgrounds. Homeless and foster care youth are among those at highest risk of being trafficked. Young girls are the most common victims.

Traffickers abuse their victims for the purpose of involuntary servitude, slavery, and/or debt bondage through force, fraud, and coercion.

FORCE: rape, beatings, confinements
FRAUD: promises of a good job and home, love and companionship, or a better life
COERCION: threats to a person or family, isolation, psychological abuse, debt bondage, taking identification documents, food deprivation

Human Trafficking Victims may be found in:

  • city streets
  • hotels and motels
  • massage businesses
  • strip clubs
  • escort services
  • truck stops
  • domestic homes
  • restaurants
  • farming/landscaping
  • factories
  • construction
  • janitorial services

24-hour Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Hotline

831-372-6300 or 831-757-1001

YWCA Human Trafficking Safehouse Program

This program is 12 months in duration, consisting of a variety of services designed to support victims of human trafficking in becoming independent in a step by step process. Services include, but are not limited to:

Long-Term Housing

Participants are assessed to reside in our confidential safe house.

Supportive Counseling/Therapy

  • Celebrate Recovery, AA/NA sessions
  • AOD counseling
  • Addiction Treatment/Services
  • Alternative therapeutic settings including equine therapy, art therapy, and yoga
  • Participants have access to on-site and off-site counseling

Case Management

  • Participants are monitored weekly by specialized case management personnel
  • Survivors in our program are provided with transitional housing case management


• Weekly courses and activities are provided for self-healing, growth, and life enrichment for survivors

Legal Advocacy

  • Court Accompaniment
  • T & U-Visa Application Assistance
  • Immigration Services
  • Family Law Legal Document Assistance
  • Cease and Desist Letters
  • Domestic Violence & Civil Harassment Restraining Orders

Education/Job Training

  • All participants are assisted with educational and/or job placement after 6 months
  • Volunteer opportunities and community involvement

Emergency Fund Assistance

This program is 12 months in duration, consisting of a variety of services designed to support victims of human trafficking in becoming independent in a step by step process.

Domestic Violence Crisis Line

The YWCA Monterey County operates the county’s only 24/7 hotline that responds to Domestic Violence (DV) calls. Our hotlines assist victims by listening and guiding them to resources to overcome the abusive situation.

24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline

831-372-6300 or 831-757-1001

Myths VS. Reality

MYTH: Human Trafficking involves movement from one country to another.
REALITY: Human Trafficking need not involve movement, it happens domestically.

MYTH: Human Trafficking involves young women.REALITY: 80% of trafficking victims are female and 50% are children, but men and women of all ages are trafficked.

MYTH: Traffickers are members of criminal organizations.
REALITY: Traffickers may be part of large criminal organizations, gangs, or drug cartels; human trafficking is the second leading criminal enterprise, second only to the drug trade.

Other traffickers are small business owners and individuals. Some trafficking is done by family members of the victims.

MYTH: Trafficking survivors are not U.S. Citizens.REALITY: 80% of human trafficking survivors in the United States are U.S. Citizens. Most human trafficking in the U.S. occurs in New York, California, and Florida.

MYTH: Human Trafficking is not taking place in my neighborhood.
REALITY: It can and often does. It is hidden in plain sight in our neighborhoods.