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YWCA-MC Covid-19 Response Re: Services

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Dear YWCA Monterey County Friends:

During this period of completely uncharted territory where terms such as social distancing and Shelter in Place form part of everyday Covid-19 response discussions, the YWCA Monterey County has strategically reflected on our responsibility to our clients, staff and funders so as to not exaggerate any existing inequities for the people and community we support. We are doing this through living our commitment to gender, diversity, equity and inclusion.

The crisis has altered how we normally deliver our services but not what we deliver. We continue to provide all our much-needed and requested services that Monterey County has relied on for many years:

Domestic Violence

  • Domestic Violence Shelter

  • 24 Hour Crisis Line

  • Legal Services

  • Therapy

  • Resource Center

  • Housing First program

Human Trafficking

  • Case Management

  • Therapy

  • Crisis Intervention

Outreach and Prevention

  • Youth Education

  • Parent Workshops

  • Prevention of CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children)

We have taken bold measures, along with our host organizations across Monterey County, to pivot and respond by delivering tele-health responses, working remotely. We have acknowledged that there are some areas we have had to re-evaluate and others where our energy, funding and staffing should be directed. We have done this within a learning and development framework where in the coming year, we will work internally with our dedicated, passionate and responsive staff to grow their skills and existing expertise to respond to our identified areas of service delivery. In addition, we will be extending our learning processes to the wider community without whom we could not function so effectively.

All of our decision-making has been guided by both present and future needs that our past has shown where we are best able to respond. Every decision has been made with consideration for the safety and well-being of our staff and clients.

As external stakeholders, volunteers, and mission-related supporters, we welcome your thoughts. Please feel free to contact us at info@ywcamc.org Your ideas and comments are important as we all move forward together.

Christine Duncan MSW


Covid-19 response

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