Director of Shelter Services


STATUS: Full-time, Exempt

SUPERVISOR: Executive Director

SALARY: $70,000 annually

ROLE: Working with the Executive Director, Deputy Director, and the safe house program managers, the Director of Shelter Services will oversee the operations of the YWCA Monterey County’s two (2) shelters for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking; supervise the Domestic Violence Shelter Services Manager and the Human Trafficking Program Coordinator; ensure that agency-owned residential properties are properly maintained; oversee the agency’s crisis hotline and rotate on-call as the Administrator on duty; identify and implement new initiatives to benefit the residents of the agency’s safe house programs; ensure and implement policies and procedures that comply with local, state and federal standards; provide data for grant reports and proposals; work with community partners to facilitate collaboration; and coordinate with the Shelter Managers to ensure that safe house advocates are working with appropriately working with clients to transition out of each program.


* Provide supervision to Domestic Violence Shelter Manager and Human Trafficking Program Coordinator, and the two (2) YWCA Monterey County safe house programs. Develop program action plans with staff members so that residents are working towards goals related to obtaining education, employment, child care and permanent housing.

* Review all safe house intakes, confer with Safe House Managers for review, and communicate regularly with the Executive Staff Leadership about changes in the safe housing program population. Revise residential intake policies as necessary.

* Monitor two agency-leased properties and ensure that facilities are appropriately maintained.

* Develop programming for the safe house programs, and work with residential staff to ensure that the programming being offered is reflective of the clients’ current needs. The Director will regularly assess the needs of residential housing clients.

* Serve as a resource for all residential housing staff for case management and advocacy to benefit residential clients.

* Work with Monterey County social service providers to best serve the needs of residential housing clients. Maintain regular contact with key contacts from partner organizations and represent YWCA Monterey County at community meetings and forums.

* Stay abreast of YWCA Monterey County housing issues by working collaboratively with the Transitional Housing Case Manager to build and maintain relationships with housing and social service agencies in Monterey County, and throughout the state.

* Serve as the Administrator on-call contact for the YWCA Monterey County in rotation with other Executive staff each month. This includes responding to emergencies as they arise and/or delegate staff to respond to emergencies that may occur during off-hours.

* Working with the Child Care Coordinator, oversee the coordination of children’s services and implement necessary policies and procedures for families with minor children.

* Monitor and implement safe house policies and procedures and ensure that residents follow these rules and procedures by creating an environment of trust and community. Make recommendations to the Executive Director for policy changes or modifications when appropriate.

* Complete data entry and submit necessary reports for grant compliance.

* Attend weekly staff meeting and any continuing education relevant to job training;

* Complete 40-hour domestic violence advocate training provided by YWCA Monterey County within the first year of employment;

* Maintain collaborative relationships with all community partners, grantors, contractors, and clients;

* Adhere to all policies, procedures, and guidelines of the agency including representing the agency in a professional manner and maintaining the highest standard of confidentiality;

* Work as a team member with other staff and contribute as necessary to meet agency mission, vision, and goals;

* Provide leadership and oversee the day to day operations of the agency in the absence of the Executive Director, Deputy Director and Director of Finance;

* Perform other job duties as assigned.


* 3-5 years of progressively responsible successful experience in human or social services;

* Familiarity with domestic violence and/or human trafficking;

* Previous experience in supervising and managing shelters, group homes, overseeing staff and program compliance;

* Organized and detail-oriented; a motivated self-starter able to work with minimal supervision;

* Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite; knowledge of computers, internet and technology; knowledge of nFocus database a plus;

* BA/BS in a social services related field; advanced degree preferred;

* Valid CDL, auto insurance, and reliable transportation;

* Must be able to pass a background check;

* Experience in working with government guidelines and regulations;

* Knowledge of federal, state, and private grants;

* Excellent interpersonal skills and a collaborative management style;

* Knowledge of and ability to work with culturally diverse populations and at-risk individuals;

* Demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards and a diverse workplace;

* Ability to work well under pressure and deal appropriately with crisis and stress situations;

* Bilingual in Spanish preferred;

* Commitment to the mission of the YWCA Monterey County empowering women and eliminating racism.


* During work hours, the employee may sit or stand for long periods;

* Lift objects up to 50 pounds from floor to waist level and carry for brief periods;

* Bend and stoop while filing or sorting through files;

* Twist and reach while working at a desk or in office.

To apply for this position, please email resume and cover letter to:

YWCA Monterey County
Attn: Robin Ledford


STATUS/CLASSIFICATION: Regular, part-time, non-exempt

SUPERVISOR: Director of Clinical Services

SALARY RANGE: $21.00-$23.00/hr

ROLE: To provide evidence-based therapeutic counseling services to clients of the YWCA Monterey County in a trauma-informed manner, in accordance with organizational, state and federal laws. 


  1. Provides goal-focused trauma therapy to victim/witnesses of domestic violence, human trafficking, and victims of crime;
  2. Provides case management, maintains accurate records, and provides data for reports;
  3. Makes referrals when additional therapy is needed;
  4. Maintains building security after business hours (locks doors, arms alarm system);
  5. Attends staff meetings and community events, as requested;
  6. Performs other duties as requested.


  • Plans and implements counseling programs primarily for human trafficking survivors and also domestic violence victims and other victims of crime;
  • Stays compliant with training and regulatory guidelines;
  • Records productivity and creates work schedule to meet client needs;
  • Ensures Human Trafficking Case Managers and shelter staff are aware of counseling daily activities schedule;
  • Oversees regular communication with Human Trafficking Case Managers to discuss caseload, time management, availability, etc.;
  • Maintains confidential records and provides data for program reports.
  • Maintains coordination with the Executive Director, Deputy Director and Director of Clinical Services and all Senior Directors as part of the agency management team;


  • Bilingual/Bicultural preferred(Spanish);
  • Master’s degree in counseling, psychology, social work, or related field;
  • BBS registration required;
  • Demonstrated success in domestic violence and human trafficking counseling with survivors;
  • Understanding of parent education and demonstrated success in teaching adults;
  • Ability to work collaboratively with other agencies;
  • Excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills;
  • Ability to relate well to diverse individuals and lifestyles;
  • Valid California driver’s license, proof of insurance, and reliable personal transportation;
  • Proficiency in Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet and data management;
  • Willingness to participate in agency-paid training and professional development opportunities, including completion of 40-hour domestic violence training program, in accordance with California Evidence Code 1037.
  • Willingness to provide counseling services at various sites throughout Monterey County.


  • During working hours, the employee may sit or stand for long periods;
  • Lift objects up to 50 pounds from floor to waist level and carry for brief periods;
  • Bend and stoop while filing or sorting through files;
  • Twist and reach while working at a desk;
  • Must pass a TB clearance and background ID check.To apply for this position, please email resume and cover letter to:YWCA Monterey County
    Attn: Robin Ledford



SUPERVISOR: Human Trafficking Program Coordinator

HOURLY RANGE: $18.00-20.00/hr

ROLE: The On-Call Human Trafficking Advocate is responsible for providing smooth operation of the safe house during the assigned hours. The Advocate will work with other staff and volunteers to create a supportive environment, helping to meet the needs of each resident.


* Assess and provide crisis intervention to residents as needed;

* Manage and monitor conflict among residents;

* Maintains accurate records, confidential case files and log of activities;

* Inform and implement house rules and regulations, including safety precautions with all residents staying at the safe house;

* Be available to respond to emergencies and resident concerns;

* Transport residents to all necessary appointments and/or group outings, including off-site events and activities;

* Prepare all rooms for incoming residents and outgoing residents;

* Assist in preparing and assigning house chore list;

* Assist in distribution of resident medication;

* Maintain room inventories and perform room checks as needed;

* Encourage residents to attend educational programming and workshops;

* Report regularly with Human Trafficking Program Coordinator/Facilitators and other staff members who work with residents sheltered at the safe house;

* Help prepare meals for safe house residents;

* Assist with special administrative projects as needed;

* Performs other duties as requested.


* Serves as the human trafficking advocate of the human trafficking safe house;

* Provides crisis intervention and basic needs care and support to all clients who are residents of the safe house.


* Bilingual/Bicultural (Spanish) preferred;

* High school diploma or equivalent;

* Prior experience working in a group home or residential setting;

* Demonstrated knowledge of women’s issues, human trafficking, family law, court systems, crisis intervention and/or domestic violence preferred;

* Valid California diver’s license, proof of auto insurance, and reliable personal transportation;

* Ability to work with people of diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, socio-economic backgrounds;

* Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and data management;

* Experience maintaining personal/professional boundaries;

* Must pass a background ID check;

* Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and ability to work under pressure;

* Demonstrated commitment to the mission of the YWCA ? the empowerment of women and the elimination of racism.

* 40-hour Domestic Violence/Human Trafficking Advocate Training (will be provided)


* During working hours, the employee may sit or stand for long periods;

* Lift objects up to 50 pounds from floor to waist level and carry for brief periods;

* Bend and stoop while filing or sorting through donations;

* Twist and reach while sitting at a desk;

* Overnight shifts may sleep at the residence;

* Must have reliable transportation.

To apply for this position, please email resume and cover letter to:

YWCA Monterey County
Attn: Robin Ledford