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YWCA-MC in the Media

Watch and view YWCA-MC in the media on biggest issues on the national and local stages. We work on issues impacting women, especially women of color. Our mission includes outreach and action on social issues that affect our day to day life.  Outreach is a large piece of our action and we are active in the youth community.  Investing in our community makes us stronger.  Stay informed!

Financial literacy

Financial Literacy Courses: Now being offered to YWCA-MC Clients

Friday, April 30, 2021

We are excited to announce that we received a grant from the Allstate Foundation to begin offering Financial Literacy courses to our clients. We are offering a financial literacy course in English and Spanish. With five learning modules, clients learn how to become financially independent and helps them escape their abusers. These courses will only… Continue Reading Financial Literacy Courses: Now being offered to YWCA-MC Clients

domestic servitude in Monterey

Domestic Servitude in Monterey County

Monday, April 5, 2021

Domestic Servitude in Monterey County, a type of Labor Trafficking you need to be aware of. What is Labor Trafficking? LaborTrafficking is a type of modern-day slavery that occurs when individuals are compelled by force, fruad or coercion to perform labor or service within a household or commercial setting. Labor Trafficking includes situations of debt… Continue Reading Domestic Servitude in Monterey County

Why We Work Against Racism and Sexism
60 Second Snapshot YWCA

YWCA-MC is hosting a new event and would love to see you there.  We are excited to bring awareness to domestic violence in a unique and impactful way! Click on the photo for tickets and more information.