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Click on the number to get help. It’s what we do.

The YWCA Monterey County operates the county’s only crisis line, 365 days a year, 24-hours a day. Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking victims are encouraged to seek help. You are not alone and we have ways to help you change your circumstances. Trained advocates answer each call to provide clients with safety plans, resource referrals and when necessary, immediate access to one of our confidentially located safe houses.

Domestic Violence includes:help now

• Physical abuse- This includes pinching, pushing, slapping, physically intimidating, any unwanted physical contact.  A boundary has been crossed.

• Sexual abuse- Any unwanted sexual contact is abuse. No excuses justify it, it’s wrong and you might need help to handle this situation.

• Verbal abuse- Often overlooked, this is the beginning stages to the abuse cycle.

• Psychological abuse- A major factor in the abuse cycle.  Controlling you and cutting you off from family and friends is abuse.

• Economic abuse- By with holding money an abuser keeps you in their grasp. Many women feel stuck because they have no money to leave.  We can help!

• Spiritual abuse- Goes along with psychological abuse by attacking your core beliefs.

• Stalking / Harassment / Cyber Abuse- Fear through these methods is considered abuse and you have options.

If you’re experiencing any of these, you can get help now. Call our hotlines.

For more information online, a good resource is the The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

You get it in your head that it is your fault and that you created this – but that’s not true, there is something wrong with the person who abuses you...it’s not you. If it weren’t for the YWCA’s Safe House, I don’t know where I would be right now. It was through this program that I have completely changed my life around and created a better future for my kids.
Wendy, Former Safe House Resident