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YWCA-MC in the Media

Watch and view YWCA-MC in the media on biggest issues on the national and local stages. We work on issues impacting women, especially women of color. Our mission includes outreach and action on social issues that affect our day to day life.  Outreach is a large piece of our action and we are active in the youth community.  Investing in our community makes us stronger.  Stay informed!

YWCA Monterey County Outreach

Monterey County Outreach and MC Gives!

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

October was Domestic Violence Awareness month and the YWCA Monterey County outreach calendar was full! On October 4th we began our Domestic Violence Advocate Training On October 10th Christine Duncan, CEO spoke at The Commission on the Status of Women October Meeting. October 12th YWCA-MC attended the Domestic Violence Vigil in Soledad YWCA-MC celebrated A… Continue Reading Monterey County Outreach and MC Gives!

Domestic Violence Shelter for Women

Domestic Violence Shelter for Women & Children

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Domestic Violence Defined Domestic violence is defined as abuse between two or more adults who live together in a relationship characterized by power and control. It can include emotional, verbal, psychological, sexual, financial, spiritual, and physical abuse.  It is estimated that over half of women experience some form of domestic violence at some point during… Continue Reading Domestic Violence Shelter for Women & Children

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