YWCA Mission:

The YWCA Monterey County is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.


YWCA Monterey County is a leader in ensuring a safe, healthy, and dignified community, empowering women to live to their fullest potential. Sustained by its values and commitment to diversity, equity, and justice, YWCA-MC provides education, advocacy, and services that prevent and address all forms of violence against vulnerable members of our community.

24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline

+1-831-372-6300 or +1-831-757-1001

Empowering Girls & Women

  • A confidential safe house for the recovery and healing of survivors of domestic violence.
  • Therapy services for survivors
  • Court accompaniment for survivors and advocacy training for advocates.
  • Violence prevention education and outreach for youth and future leaders.
  • Professional and personal leadership development for girls and youth.
  • Partnerships with small women-owned businesses.

missionOur programs, conferences, and wrap-around services work to empower our community as a safe place for girls and women every step of the way. We recognize the inequalities that preface so much of the violence plaguing our communities and work to stamp out those root inequalities. Our involvement in education, local government, police departments, with healthcare professionals, trauma and addiction specialists, legal advocates, business owners, and a diverse public who support our mission prepare us to provide violence prevention and intervention services for our entire community. Through our growing coalitions across classes, cultures, and neighborhoods we are becoming a stronger force to end the oppression of women in Monterey County and empower all girls and women.

Eliminating Racism

  • YWCAs are eliminating racism by addressing the disparities people of color face in the areas of housing, education, jobs, healthcare, criminal justice, and asset growth.

  • Culturally-competent gender and racial justice training.
  • Spanish/English Bilingual services in every program offered by YWCA Monterey County.
  • A public stance against the Muslim ban, race-based hate crimes, and violations of Civil Liberties for all people including those of color.
  • Violence prevention education and outreach for youth and future leaders.

The YWCA USA adopted racial justice in our mission in 2009. We are dedicated to justice for those most impacted by inequality and oppression. Our mission has grown and changed as the world has. We believe there is no gender justice without racial justice. And there is no racial justice without gender justice.

Through ongoing programs, conferences, events, and initiatives, YWCA leaders are engaging communities to recognize the broad-based, negative and consequential effects of racism. Our mission and work require courage. We must serve communities most affected by economic, racial, and gender oppression. Together we can influence policies and legislation that ensure progress for all people impacted by violence, poverty, racism, and sexism.


It is the policy of this agency to ensure that all persons, including non-English speaking or limited English proficiency (LEP) people are provided equal access to our available services and information. The YWCAMC is committed to ensuring that all of its programs and services are accessible to LEP. All employees are responsible for ensuring that the public is treated with dignity and respect, identifying the language needs of our clients, and utilizing available bilingual resources to assist those clients, when needed. Effective communication with clients who are non-English speakers or LEP shall be achieved through bilingual staff, translated written materials, and contracted interpreters/translator services.