24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotlines

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We are here to help. Call now.

If you are in crisis, are being controlled by someone, need some sort of help now or just don’t know where to turn our 24-hour domestic violence crisisline advocates can help you understand your options. We are here to listen to you 24-hours each day, 365 days per year. If you want to just be listened to, need immediate safety help, or need help coming up with a safety plan, we are here. To get help now please call:

831-372-6300 or 831-757-1001

Whatever your desires or need are, we are here to help. No one can do it alone, and there are choices and options. The YWCA is a team of diverse professionals here for you and your family. We are here to listen to your unique situation and find solutions that work for you. Get help by calling our bilingual hotline.

We offer help now with many services from housing, two confidential safehouses, legal advocacy, to mental health counseling. To read more about our services check out our What We Do page.

Sometimes understanding what qualifies as abuse is half the battle. We can help with that now. No question is dumb to counselors on our hotlines. We are here to serve your health and safety.

Domestic Violence includes:

• Physical abuse
• Sexual abuse
• Verbal abuse
• Psychological abuse
• Economic abuse
• Spiritual abuse
• Stalking / Harassment / Cyber Abuse

If you think you’re experiencing any of these, you can get help now. Call our hotlines:

831-372-6300 or 831-757-1001

You get it in your head that it is your fault and that you created this – but that’s not true, there is something wrong with the person who abuses you...it’s not you. If it weren’t for the YWCA’s Safe House, I don’t know where I would be right now. It was through this program that I have completely changed my life around and created a better future for my kids.
Wendy, Former Safe House Resident