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Cemanhuac Cultural Group at CTF Soledad Prison Donates to YWCA-MC

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At the invitation of the men of the Cemanhuac Cultural Group at CTF Soledad Prison, Christine Duncan CEO and Enrique Morales Manager of Clinical Services attended a presentation of the group on Tuesday 12/14 which resulted in an immensely generous donation of $2620 to support victims of Domestic Abuse. The group’s mission is to promote peace, mutual respect and social justice through better understanding one’s own culture as well as cultures from around the world.  Cemanhuac is a Nahua word for One World.
Various members of the group, known as Peace Warriors presented using spoken word their reflections on DV.  We were also fortunate to witness the induction of 2 new members to the group.  Many of the group had been themselves victims of DV or early childhood abuse and were candid about the linkage between past experiences and the reason for their incarceration.
Their thirst for understanding to allow them to become better role models for their peers, prison community, and ultimately their families when they were eligible for release was foremost in their reason for becoming Peace Warriors.
We would like to thank Roberta Schweers of CTF Soledad for facilitating this powerful experience and a special thank you to the men who donated their hard-earned incomes (some earn as little as 8 cents per hour) to ensure our clients would be supported.
By donating to YWCA Monterey County, this group helps us continue to provide life-changing services to survivors of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking.  Our programs include a Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Safe House, Step Down housing, Legal Advocacy, Immigration Petition services, 24/7 365 Crisis Line, Mental Health Services, Community Outreach to youth and adults alike, and many more resources.  We have been at the forefront of giving survivors of abuse a second chance at building a peaceful life in Monterey County for over 50 years.
If you would like to stand with this group, consider donating by clicking the heart: