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Covid-19 and Economic Recovery

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Covid-19 and the economic crisisCovid-19 and the economic crisis disproportionately impacts women. The impact is due to the type of work women typically perform. The current childcare system relies on a low-earning, predominantly female workforce to provide childcare. Which does not meet the needs of working parents of different income levels.

The LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin and YWCA USA announced the release of a new white paper entitled “America’s Recovery from the 2020 “Shecession”: Building a Female Future of Childcare and Work,” . Policymakers now have a blueprint for economic recovery. The plan is based on building affordable, high quality,  and accessible childcare with a future-of-work plan for the female workforce.  We need to rebuild using this plan.

Future-of-work Plan

National and local policymakers continuously fail to identify women’s economic concerns. Key areas like childcare, fair workplaces, and equal pay continue to plague women. The report demonstrates how the country’s childcare system is failing parents, childcare workers, children, and the American economy. The report raises concerns about the future of women in the workforce and supplies a roadmap to building a better future. Childcare impacts a significant amount of people in the workplace.

Social and economic policies have failed to keep pace with the advancement of women in terms of job access, and 2020 stands to wipe out all of the gains women have made in the last 50 years. said Victoria DeFrancesco Soto, the LBJ School’s associate dean for civic engagement and lead author of the white paper.

This white paper provides a roadmap for greater economic growth for women, American families and the economy.”

Our country is finally waking up to the realities that women have always known – that childcare is intrinsic to our national economy and wellbeing, and that job security is critical,” said Alejandra Y. Castillo, CEO, YWCA USA. “The concerns of women should be the concerns of policymakers at every level. This is a watershed moment, and an opportunity to build a future where women, families, and America can thrive beyond COVID-19.”

Covid-19 and economic impact gives us the chance to rebuild failing systems.

The white paper offers a robust, comprehensive childcare system that compensates childcare workers fairly.  YWCA-MC wholeheartedly agrees that now is the time to restructure society to benefit the hard working Americans taking care of our children.

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