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Domestic Violence Awareness Month is October

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Domestic violence awarenessOctober marks Domestic Violence Awareness month.  YWCA-MC is dedicated to bringing awareness, inspiring action and ending domestic violence.  The YWCA-MC in Monterey County works toward these goals every day.  We have helped hundreds of women find peace in their lives using proven methodology.  While leaving is the hardest part, the entire picture includes so much more.   We provide resources to victims of Domestic Violence in the form of a Domestic Violence Response Team.  The DV response team works with individuals to tailor the program to fit the situation.  They have resources and tools to resolve the deep issues associated with the cycle of violence.

Domestic Violence Awareness is the key to understanding the cycle of violence.  It can sometimes be a gradual decline into chaos beginning with subtle abuse.  Subtle abuses can be verbal, psychological, spiritual or economic. Verbal abuse is often overlooked but crossing the boundary of acceptable behavior is often the first step in the cycle.  Psychological abuse is making it difficult to remain in close contact with your loved ones.  Isolating you from your family and friends is a form of psychological abuse.  Criticizing your core beliefs is a form of Spiritual abuse and usually goes hand in hand with verbal and psychological.  Economic abuse is when a partner holds all the money to exert power and control.  The power to keep you in their lives, to keep you powerless, to continue the cycle.

It’s important to recognize these red flags with people in your life or your loved ones relationships.  This month is meant to increase our support for survivors.  Our programs are funded by donations.  Your donations give us the opportunity to provide the following resources to survivors:

  • Counseling
  • Advocacy
  • Lethality/risk assessments
  • Safety planning
  • Restraining order assistance
  • Referral systems as needed to victims of Domestic Violence and their children
  • The advocate is available after-hours for any emergency call-out situation.
  • After-care contact with victims with direct access to the YWCA Monterey County’s Domestic Violence Shelter

If you’re experiencing any of these call our hotlines for a way out. The DV response team advocate can be reached by calling 831-646-3444 and you can click to call. For more information online, a good resource is The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.


Our 24 hour crisis line is always ready to assist you.  +1-831-372-6300 

Donations are needed to continue the support we provide to families and survivors.  Show you care about the women in our community by donating today.







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