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Domestic Violence Calls are Spiking

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Christine Duncan CEO of YWCA of Monterey County delivers a powerful message to the Monterey County Weekly newspaper publication.  Domestic Violence calls have increased three-fold in the 36 hours after Shelter in Place Order was given.

Monterey County Weekly reports on the YWCA-MC’s continuous efforts to support women and children in Monterey County. The full article can be found here.

“The calls are pretty much what we normally hear. It’s someone who is exerting a great deal of control or restricting someone’s access to things or relatives or being physically violent to them or the children,” Duncan says. “We’ve also had instances of attacking pets as a means to exert control.”

The Monterey County Weekly echoes the steps women can take to stay safe:

1. Create a Safety Plan

This is something we work on with all our clients to help them minimize risks. It can change just as your plans and needs may change.  For example, if you know that violence often takes place in the kitchen, ensure as many sharp objects as possible are hidden and that you avoid the kitchen area and the abuser as much as possible.

If you would like help making a safety plan, please call our Crisis Line 831-757-1001 or 831-372-6300 where we have someone you can chat with 24/7. Emotional support as you prepare to leave your abuser is quite valuable.


2. Stay Connected

While in a quarantine situation, or while you are social distancing, please stay in touch by phone or by text with your wider support network. A quick text or call to let people know how you are doing.  It may be difficult as the person abusing you may be watching your every move so you may have to become creative. Use free phone Apps such as Skype or WhatsApp to help you keep in touch with close family and friends  to help you feel you are not on your own. You may wish to set something up so that if your contacts do not hear from you by a certain time or day that they should send help.

3.  There is Help

Being isolated often results in negative thinking about there being no one to help.  Be assured we have trained staff 24/7 who will help and will make sure that within your individual circumstances, especially at this time of crisis, someone can and will listen to you and offer support.

Over the past couple of weeks we have had to adapt very quickly to changes forced on us by the COVID-19 crisis so it would be advisable for you to check our web page regularly for updates on changes to services and new arrangements.  www.ywcamc.org