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Your Donations Help Stop Human Trafficking in Monterey County

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Your donations help stop Human Trafficking in Monterey County. By supporting the YWCA-MC during MC Gives your donation is matched and makes the most difference.  Our mission and programs include assisting victims of human trafficking.

Human trafficking is everywhere yet remains in the shadows. It is a form of slavery in which another person profits from exploitation sexually or through labor and it’s prevalent.  Surprisingly, it’s second in criminal profits only to drug trafficking.

Sex Trafficking

Sex trafficking comes in many forms. It violates personal freedom and includes commercial sexual activity, prostitution, exotic dancing, pornography, or other forms of sexual exploitation. Forcing or coercing a victim into sexual activity for pay, they are now part of Human Trafficking.  When the victim is under the age of 18, sex trafficking does not require force or coercion. Minors cannot legally consent to sexual activity and additional legal ramifications occur. Kids who run away from home are at the most risk as they are the most vulnerable with no place to go and some are too young to even try to get employment. Most victims do not self-identify as being Human Trafficked, consequently, they do not know they can get help from YWCA-MC.

Labor Trafficking

Labor trafficking includes coercion, duress, or deceit to obtain forced labor in construction, restaurant, agricultural, massage parlors, or sweatshop factories.  There are often promises of citizenship in exchange for work, these promises are empty and victims get stuck in a workforce with little to no pay and extreme hours.  For them, there are few ways out due to a storm of factors, deportation being high on that list.

Human Trafficking is modern day slavery, it is a violation of human rights.  When you give to YWCA-MC your donations help stop human trafficking.  YWCA-MC has an entire program dedicated to helping victims escape their captors and create a new life with freedom.  Being a slave is unimaginable for many, but everyday life to some.

If you can help someone escape captivity, please consider donating to YWCA-MC.


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