Monterey County Outreach and MC Gives!

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Monterey County Outreach and MC Gives!

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MC Gives!October was Domestic Violence Awareness month and the YWCA Monterey County outreach calendar was full!

  • On October 4th we began our Domestic Violence Advocate Training
  • On October 10th Christine Duncan, CEO spoke at The Commission on the Status of Women October Meeting.
  • October 12th YWCA-MC attended the Domestic Violence Vigil in Soledad
  • YWCA-MC celebrated A Week Without Violence by organizing two different Domestic Violence Awareness Walks. One in Greenfield and one in Seaside. We marched in purple and displayed student art along with speakers.

October 21st Conference on Surviving to Thriving

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Liz Perez-Cordero, Clinical Psychologist and Life Coach taught about the neuroscience of wellness, resilience, and post-traumatic growth. She spoke about practical strategies for thriving after adversity.  Guest Speakers “Annie” bravely described her journey from domestic violence victim to UC Berkeley graduate to author. Lenore Schaffer of RESTORENYC spoke of Economic Empowerment and provided confidence- building employment/entrepreneurial skills & opportunities to survivors.  Lee Garland, the author of “HEAR, HERE”, spoke about effective communication. Engaging with our Hearts was another topic with Offender Treatment Provider, Kelsey Hansen, and Partners for Peace.

We would like to thank the powerful speakers and all those who attended this amazing event.

Week Without Violence Walk

Our Most Recent Graduates of our Domestic Violence Advocate Program.

November MC Gives



We plan to hold another 40-hour Domestic Violence Advocate Training Course so keep an eye on your emails for the next offering.




The Importance of Pride & Inclusivity

In our effort to bring an end to Domestic Violence in Monterey County, it is imperative that we recognize the LGTBQ+ community. Several studies conducted in recent years show that intimate partner violence can happen to everyone. During Domestic Violence Awareness month we were able to share these eye-opening facts:

  • LGBTQ+ communities experience higher rates of intimate partner violence and sexual assault than heterosexual communities.
  • In 2015 alone, there were 13 reported LGBTQ+ intimate partner violence-related homicides. 77% of those murdered were LGBTQ+ people of color.
  • A 2014 report found that LGBTQ+ and HIV-affected people of color made up the majority (51%) of intimate partner violence survivors. Specifically, LGBTQ+ Black/African American survivors were 1.89 times more likely to experience physical violence within intimate partner violence when compared to all non-Black survivors.
  • In a national survey, more than 60% of LGBTQ+ sexual and domestic violence survivors said they were denied access to DV shelters. In a 2011 national study, more than half of transgender individuals who accessed homeless shelters were harassed by shelter staff or residents, and almost 29% were turned away altogether.
  • Several studies have shown that LGBTQ+ survivors are reluctant to call the police for help because of racial and gender profiling, the threat of sexual and physical violence by law enforcement, and the fear of being misgendered.
  • After the passage of anti-trans legislation in North Carolina, 1 in 10 transgender/gender-nonconforming (T/GNC) youth reported experiencing emotional abuse; there was also a 10% increase in physical and sexual dating violence among T/GNC youth.

October was a big month for Pride in Monterey County. The City of Soledad raised the all-inclusive pride flag on October 2nd! On October 15th, artists, organizations, and community members joined to celebrate Pride in Central Park. YWCA-MC attended to promote the understanding that our organization supports all of those who need our services.

YWCA Monterey County News

YWCA Monterey County Community Outreach

Monterey County Outreach

Monterey County OutreachThe Fall Family Harvest Resource fair was a Monterey County Outreach event at Cesar Chavez Community park on Saturday, October 15th where we set up our information booth to share our numerous resources available to the community.

Dia Del Trabajador Agrícola Community Resource FairThis event took place at San Lorenzo Park in King City on Sunday, October 30th providing South County residents access to the many resources available to them through YWCA Monterey County.

Monterey County Gives!

The annual Monterey County Gives! campaign kicks off on Thursday, November 10th. During this drive, MC Gives! makes the most of your donation by a percentage match and is our biggest fundraiser of the year. YWCA-MC is a non-profit in need of donations to continue to provide much-needed services in Monterey County. We give survivors the tools to escape violence.

Please join us, creating change through philanthropy, Nov. 10-December 31, 2022 Monterey County Gives!

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