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New Step Down Housing Program

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YWCA-MC introduced a new Step Down housing program intended to help women and their children secure permanent housing.  The YWCA-MC just received funding that will help establish another Step down house. This new housing program will help more women and their children into permanent housing for the year to come.

We continuously strive to supply the demand for housing our community. We recently began renovations for our new transitional home that can house three adults and six children.  The Step Down housing program aims at giving our clients and their dependents financial and housing security by providing shelter services. These services assist in their transition into permanent housing.

108 individuals secured permanent housing

During Covid-19 and the fiscal year 2020-2021 we were able to help families secure permanent housing. Below is a breakdown of client served by our current Transitional Housing program:

  • 59.3% Children ages 0-12
  • 7.4% Teens ages 13-17
  • 33.3 Adults

Our Step Down housing program provides support to the most vulnerable in our community but we can’t do it without support from the community.  If you can help with a tax deductible contribution, we can make this program even more robust. It’s never too late to make a difference in someones life!  Click the heart to donate:

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