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The Purple Purse | Allstate Finance Class

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YWCA-MC is now offering a finance class through the Allstate Purple Purse program. We are excited to have received a grant from the Allstate Foundation to offer finance classes to our clients. With five critical budgeting learning modules, our clients can become financially independent and gain the power to leave abuse. Financial control is often part of the abuse cycle, a way for abusers to stay in control.  When first leaving financial abuse, it is difficult to navigate the new financial structure.  By offering this finance class, we give survivors the opportunity to regain control of their finances in a positive way where they can make the right choices to avoid financial dependence.

Five Modules to Build Financial Literacy:

Financial literacy

Curriculum Learning Outcomes

Our clients who take this course will gain financial empowerment and independence to take control of their finances. Those who complete the class will have a better understanding of how to engage in financial safety planning (i.e. gaining information on assets & liabilities, saving money). Survivors will be equipped with the knowledge to plan for long-term financial control and gain a robust understanding of financial aid, credit, student loans, life insurance, homeowners or renters insurance, and more.  When beginning the road to financial independence, it’s important to understand the dynamics of budgeting and what choices affect us in what ways.

Long Term Effects

Finance ClassFinancial literacy will not only benefit clients in the short-term to escape their abusers but in the long-term as well. Survivors of domestic violence will have the knowledge and insight to make educated decisions regarding their finances and learn ways to remain financially independent.  Gaining financial independence creates an enormous amount of self-worth.  Being in control and successfully managing a budget sets our clients up for success.

Reach out to find out more information on this course.  Call our office at 831-422-8602.

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