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Week Without Violence through Social Media

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Week Without Violence through Social Media is our Tuesday event to engage all of our social media friends and advocates by having each person take a selfie and post their support to their personal profile.  By using the hashtag #WWV20, we will all link together and unite online. Although it’s a Tuesday event, this supportive social media post can be posted on any day or even, every day.

We have fillable signs you can download and use as a background for your selfie or, if you’re feeling shy, simply repost our promotional graphics to show your support.

Those can be found below, but any selfie with a proclamation to support survivors or pledge a non-violent life will join you with our mission.  Just use #WWV20 and get creative!

Week Without Violence through Social Media will continue long after the actual dates if we all participate reminding each of us to continue our commitment. Download and use this graphic to show your support!

Graphic link to download your copy

Week Without Violence Tuesday











Links to download fillable signs for your selfie:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

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