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Working to Stop Human Trafficking

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stop human traffickingYWCA of Monterey County has been working to stop human trafficking since 2017.Our HumanTrafficking Program utilizes six principles of a trauma-informed approach: safety, trustworthiness & transparency, peer support, collaboration & mutuality, empowerment voice and choice, and cultural, historical and, gender issues. To ensure our agency meets the needs of our clients, we assess imediate need and prioritize.

Safety for Survivors

YWCA-MC is uniquely positioned to provide safety for those struggling to survive Human Trafficking. By offering a safe place in our safe house, we can help victims begin the road to recovery.  Our safe house operates with safety as the first priority and survivors are able to get out of “survival mode”.  When a person is in a constant state of survival, it’s difficult to plan for the future. We give survivors a chance to reframe their thinking and begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Our top priority is ensuring that the safety and needs of our clients are met so they can achieve greater success after entering our program.

Mental Health and Human Trafficking

The trauma victims of Human Trafficking experience is indescribable and our Mental Health program is a major part of recovery.  Working with survivors to help them identify ways to thrive is essential as is the need to address the trauma.  By giving victims the time and resources to work on their mental health, they have the opportunity to heal from their trauma.

Human Trafficking Resources

The resources our agency provides includes emergency shelter, legal advocacy, access to medical services, assistance with reconnecting clients with their family, and connections to mental health treatment plans. We work with many different community organizations and provide referrals for issues we are not able to address.

If you are struggling to escape this modern-day slavery, please click to call our crisis line.  Friendly, non judgemental and full of resources.

YWCA-MC works to stop human trafficking and help survivors recover and rebuild their lives.  We are a non profit depending on donations.  If you want to stop Human Trafficking in Monterey County, please consider a donation online now.  Click on the heart to donate:


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