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YWCA-MC Client Stories

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YWCA-MC Client stories are both inspiring and informative. Our various life changing programs and dedicated staff helps our clients create and achieve their goals.

Client “E” had become homeless after leaving an unhealthy relationship.  YWCA-MC staff referred “E” to other local agencies and resources as well as the Safe Shelter Collaborative and wait lists for different site locations for low-income housing.  They conducted intensive case management and provided advocacy and transportation for “E”.  She has been working diligently with her case manager to meet identified goals.  After attending drive-in briefings at the Housing Authority for the County of Monterey, “E” was able to obtain her “set aside” voucher for an affordable housing unit.

Client “F”: Due to Covid-19 and transitional housing restrictions, Client “F” left her educational program and became homeless.  After learning that “F” wanted to earn her diploma, program staff connected her with Open Door Charter, a virtual independent study program.  YWCA-MC provided client “F” with a new Chromebook and hot spot for school.  They also connected “F” with hygiene items, job placement resources and employment through Rising International.

Reaching out for help is the first step.

These women were faced with impossible circumstances and reached out for help.  Our dedicated staff created opportunity for these women to begin the road to recovery.  It takes time but we have tools to get them in the right direction. Our programs and guidance changes lives. We have many success stories we plan to share so you can understand the value of YWCA-MC in the Monterey Community. When women have nowhere to turn, they turn to us.

If you share a passion for eliminating racism and empowering women, please consider a tax deductible donation.  We are a non profit that runs solely on donations and every donation large or small, helps to change someones life.


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