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Domestic Violence  Safehouse

Our confidentially located domestic violence safehouse provides an eight-week program for those seeking immediate shelter from domestic violence. During the eight weeks, clients and their children receive case management and comprehensive wrap- around services including: safe shelter in a warm and inviting home, legal advocacy and counseling. Our goal is to restore personal power in every survivor of domestic violence who comes through our door. Our eight-week safehouse program provides women with the resources to regain power, clarity, and wellness in their lives.

Are you ready for a fresh start?  No one should feel afraid in their relationship.  We can help you start a new life. Call our crisis line or administrative office to speak to an advocate about the program.

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Crisis Line: +1-831-372-6300 or +1-831-757-1001

Salinas Administrative Office: +1-831-422-8601

Program Contact: Diana Elizondo delizondo@ywcamc.org

Not sure you’re ready to leave right now? Call us now to make a plan.  You need to think things through and we can help you make a plan to stay safe until you’re ready.  Your thinking could be affected by the abuse and we can give you an outside perspective.  You are not crazy and even if you hit back, we understand the fight or flight reactions.  The threats may or may not be empty, we take them seriously.  We have ways to keep you anonymous while getting services.  No one wants to end up at a safehouse, but everyone at some point in their lives need help.   We are the people you can turn to.  There is no judgement here, just people with big hearts who have dedicated their lives to helping women.  You know the abuse will not stop. You know your kids deserve a safe home.  Now you know who to turn to for help.

Domestic Violence Safehouse