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Mental Health Services Through YWCA-MC

YWCA Monterey County provides mental health services through bi-lingual psychotherapy for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. The services are provided to an individual or their family. When potential clients call our office, our Intake Specialist will conduct a therapy intake with them and ask a variety of questions, including the survivor’s symptoms. The goal of the initial intake is to understand the victim, their situation, and how they’re feeling. This process is imperative to give the therapists some insight into the individual’s situation; therefore, they can best serve our clients.

There are numerous psychological effects from abuse-related trauma which includes Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  PTSD is a serious disorder that impacts the quality of life and requires psychotherapy. Our psychotherapists work to help survivors cope with the realities of their experience after they leave their abusive trauma.  Some clients really need someone to talk to in the aftermath of leaving their abusive situation and those who seek help find the strength to stop the cycle of abuse.

Choosing therapy after trauma is a big step and not an easy one.  It takes emotional energy that is tough to muster after being in “survival mode”. While many friends may have advice, it’s imperative to address how the abuse started and recognize the cycle of abuse before it begins. Introspection is the best way to promote healing and build healthy relationships in the future.

We offer Mental Health services to families and find that our YEA Program is another way for kids to understand what healthy relationships consist of.  Children from abusive homes need more than just escape. They need trauma therapy along with tools and exposure to healthy relationships. By working through what they have experienced with a professional, they have the ability to stop the cycle from repeating.  According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of children from abusive homes are withdrawal from friends or usual activities, changes in behavior such as aggression, anger, hostility or hyperactivity, changes in school performance. The most frightening as a parent, suicidal ideation. Survivors from abusive homes need to heal the trauma or risk repeating it.

Mental Health services are provided at the Salinas Office and in South Monterey County, at the District Attorney’s Office in King City, and at the YWCA Monterey.  Payment for all counseling services provided is determined by a sliding scale. We currently have a waitlist and clients are served on a first-come, first-served basis.

To schedule an appointment or receive a therapy referral, call our Salinas office at 831-422-8602   Se Habla Español.

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