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Domestic Abuse Resources

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Domestic abuse has become the shadow pandemic to Covid-19.  Gathering strength and finances to leave an abusive relationship may sound like an impossible hill to climb, but gathering strength comes in steps. The first step is reaching out for help. Calling our crisis line will give you an idea of the steps you can take to keep safe while creating momentum to make a life change for the better.  A safety plan created with our team can help you gain control of your situation.  If you have a plan for the next cycle of violence, you know what to do and your boundaries are drawn. The idea of a Safehouse can be intimidating.  We have many preconceived notions of what that looks like, but when you’re there, the sense of relief is palpable and you have made the choice to heal.

YWCA-MC’s 24 hour crisis line works with Domestic Abuse and Human Trafficking victims, but any call will receive support from us with resources to the best help you can get.

We are posting some additional domestic abuse resources locally and nationally for those struggling with a toxic relationship or the stress and anxiety of being alone. We are here with you and for you, and we will get through this together.

 Domestic abuse resources:

  • Monterey County Family and Children Services provide a full list of Monterey County Community Resources which can help you navigate locally specific resources you may be looking for.
  • 1in6 is a resource for men who have been abused/sexually assaulted. They are available right now with weekly support group online meetings in addition to a 24/7 chat line. They work with RAINN for a resource just for men.

  • SurvivorsUK is there for male rape and sexual abuse victims 12PM-8PM in the UK.

  • CODA runs online support groups for people struggling with Codependency. They have physical meetings in many places in normal times, but have a number of online support groups for those needs.

  • HOTPEACH is a site where they direct you to services for domestic abuse internationally. It’s a great resource for non-US resources.

  • DomesticShelters is a resource to help you locate shelters and resources. They also have online support groups.

  • FAMILY SANCTUARY offers safety planning direction and support.

  • REDROVER helps with safety planning for your pets and resources.

  • LGBT Foundation is still working to provide you with services during this stressful time to the LGBTQ community.

Resources For Suicide Hotlines (Please dial emergency services if you are a threat to your safety):

Therapy Options:

  • YWCA-MC offers Mental Health Services on a sliding scale
  • Many therapists in your local area are offering their services through TELEMEDICINE so that you can have sessions online through ZOOM/SKYPE/FACETIME. They will then also be in the area for you to use in person when the pandemic ends allowing you to have consistency and develop an effective relationship. Please still know you want to find one with experience treating victims of abuse.

  • AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION OVERVIEW for the AMA discussion on how online therapy works and how to select a service for yourself.

  • ONLINE THERAPY SERVICES and ONLINE THERAPY SERVICES give an overview of various companies (we do not endorse their ratings and do not know if they are sponsored) as well as TALKSPACE and BETTERHELP but again, we do not endorse any one company.

  • Sunshine Behavioral Health  Provides quality substance abuse treatment services and delivers them with passion, integrity, and company spirit.  Given the intersectionality of Domestic Abuse and substance abuse, this is an excellent resource to seek treatment.

We also want to point out that we will not allow medical discussion here about COVID-19 or giving medical advice. Please seek out the facts from the original sources:

If you are in a place where you can donate to YWCA-MC to keep our crisis line staffed and safehouse running, please click the heart below.


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