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Every Life Does Matter

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EVERY LIFE DOES MATTEREvery Life Does Matter. Nearly one month past the YWCA USA Stand Against Racism campaign, an ever-present aspect of racism facing people of color, but more specifically Black Americans, again reared its ugly head among all of the commotion of the current Covid-19 pandemic. Recently, one case in particular has demonstrated how implicit bias and the associated perceptions of others different from you can have dire and fatal consequences. Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old Black man, is now among the list of names of those who, in the course of normal, everyday activities, were perceived as a threat and killed by someone in or associated with law enforcement.

For two weeks YWCA-MC has been highlighting that Every Life Does Matter online and will continue to do so through planned education and awareness sessions in our community. Staff have taken their own ‘steps’ to draw attention to this Hate Crime and all Hate Crimes through walks and similar activities to the one Mr Arbery was innocently doing the day he was murdered.

Additionally, we are planning more online awareness raising of Mr Arbery’s murder and other Hate Crimes that have occurred this year.






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