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Supporting the Victims of Human Trafficking

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Our Human Trafficking Coordinator, Lena Bustamantez, works with the victims of Human Trafficking. When speaking with Lena, you can see the passion she has for working with survivors of Human Trafficking. Lena Bustamantez is dedicated to getting the victims the resources they need.

Trust the process. You may not feel like you’re strong, but you are because you’re still standing.” Lena Bustamantez

Support the Victims of Human TraffickingWith an empathetic personality, welcoming energy, and patience, Lena has contributed to the success of the human trafficking victims who seek help with us. Utilizing the tools and resources she has acquired through the years, she helps the victims out of their current situation.

Reintegrating survivors back into society with a sense of normalcy is a difficult process that often requires services beyond housing, food, and clothing. Alternative forms of therapy are also an imperative resource to success. This strategy helps survivors reach a state of equilibrium after their traumatizing ordeal. Understanding that reintegration requires multiple methods of therapy, and resources from nearby agencies, our Human Trafficking program continues to grow. YWCA-MC continues to progress in helping the victims of human trafficking by discussing the various therapy models that could be well received such as Equine Therapy and Art Therapy. Our goal is to have the right therapy model for each individual to thrive again.

Wrap Around Human Trafficking Services

Human trafficking includes Sex Trafficking, Labor Trafficking/ Domestic Servitude, and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children. We work to provide clients with the resources they need regardless of the type of human trafficking they experienced. We holistically work with the victims of human trafficking, assess their needs, and provide them with immediate and long-term resources to overcome their traumatic experiences to reintegrate them back into society.

Human Trafficking Education and Prevention

Stopping Human Trafficking in Monterey County requires a prevention model. We educate community members, students, and parents about the warning signs, tactics of traffickers, and the red flags associated.


Our human trafficking team works with survivors using resources we have to help them look for a job, permanent housing, and the best therapy methods for a particular survivor.

Intake Process:

Helping the victims of human trafficking

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