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What Does YWCA Stand For?

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What Does YWCA Stand For?  We are more than an acronym. While our acronym suggests we are a faith-based organization, Young Women’s Christian Association of Monterey County, is a nonsectarian Christian organization. While this may have been true during inception, we do not actively require Christian association to get help. With roots in the late 19th Century, the first Young Women’s Christian Association was established in 1855 in England. Two groups, Prayer Union which prayed for women and the other group who focused on finding Christian homes for young women, merged in 1877. By merging together they became the Young Women’s Christian Association.

Our commitment to providing assistance while respecting spiritual beliefs is a principle that has evolved.  By actively disregarding discrimination, we help every person who reaches out regardless of their religion, race, age, and gender.  The help we provide does not come with any type of conversion to Christianity; We respect everyone’s right to choose for themselves.

What More Does YWCA Stand For?

The YWCA has been at the forefront of social movements empowering women for more than 160 years. When the YWCA-MC began with the Monterey Peninsula chapter, we shared an office with the Child Abuse Prevention Council. Although it has been 50 years, work continues to protect children to this day. Support from other community organizations has improved the services we are able to provide.

By acquiring grants and personal donations within the community, we have been able to provide invaluable services. From an emergency Food Bank to providing financial education services we support women in fundamental ways. We believe by working in tandem with businesses like the Community Foundation of Monterey and Sunstreet Centers, we understand how to provide our clients with the best steps to move forward. From empowering women and advocating for civil rights, to affordable housing and work compensation equity to violence prevention and health care, YWCA Monterey County stands for a better future for women in Monterey County.

Our agency is a pillar in Monterey County. We provide services to survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking while focusing on prevention. Throughout 50 years, we have grown from shelter services to providing clients with legal advocacy, step-down housing, therapy, and more. We provide a helping hand while giving them the tools they need to become independent. Recovery from Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence is a complicated process. YWCA-MC has created programs to help our clients succeed in the new life path they have chosen.

Our organization is a non-profit dependant on donations.  Please consider donating to YWCA-MC to support vulnerable women in Monterey County.