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YWCA-MC Appeal for help!

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We need help


For those facing the causes and consequences of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking, these are particularly difficult and worrying times.  We need help.  Having to be quarantined or stay at home more with the person abusing you heightens the risk for increased abuse. Since the Shelter in Place went into operation last week, we have already experienced an increase in demand for our services. To meet this increase:

  • We have quickly adapted our service delivery in line with expert recommendations-both in order to delay the spread of the virus and to ensure that those we support are not left isolated.
  • Our Domestic Violence Shelter advocates are still working to support those on the acute end of violence while also offering support on our Crisis Line, providing advice, emotional support, and emergency referrals to our wide network of peers in the private sector.
  • We’re still supporting those who are finding it difficult to adjust to their first tenancy in years, and who will be under much greater strain and worry as a result of this pandemic by offering material and financial help to alleviate the stress of finding and sustaining safe and affordable housing.
  • We’re providing essential person-centered support to at risk families through digital methods, who may be feeling isolated, afraid or struggling with relationship breakdowns and intimate partner violence.

As an innovative organization, we’re adapting to this public health crisis as best we can, creating new ways of working and developing different ways to support those most in need during this crisis.

But right now, we’re struggling with resources. Increased demand on our staffing comes at a time when we have yet to access any of the proposed emergency funding.

Now more than ever, we’re counting on the vital support of individuals so we can respond effectively and flexibly to this crisis, directing resources to where they are needed most.

With many of us now working remotely, please consider donating the cost of your morning coffee towards helping us continue life-changing support. Or you may want to give generously to ensure the continued safety of clients and staff in our 24/7 Domestic Violence Shelter by sponsoring an 8 hour shift.

Whatever you do decide to offer, be assured that your money will go directly to the people who need it, women and children fleeing from terror at a time when they also face the same and added anxiety and stress we are all facing. We need help.

Need Help





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