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Diversity Equity and Inclusion

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The YWCA Monterey County’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion did not start today but needs to be articulated and reinforced today in light of the wider, now global, focus on racial justice. Systemic racism shows up everywhere in society and we want to ensure that this is not the case at the YWCA. Where it does, we will work with all our strength to ensure it has no place in our organization and will work to ensure the greater eradication from society, too.

We are taking concrete steps at the YWCA to build a YWCA that reflects our shared values and brings more diverse perspectives to our teams. This also includes working to diversify our Board of Directors to better reflect the community we live and work in. The roots of the YWCA movement lie in eliminating racism as we so proudly reflect in our mission.

We also need to be cognizant that our organization also reflects greater diversity of gender and sexual orientation and representation of people from all protected characteristics.

Increasing Diversity Equity and Inclusion in Recruitment and Hiring

  • We will recruit a more racially diverse staff.

  • We will prioritize pathways that provide access to leadership positions as well as hiring practices that are better able to identify talent from diverse backgrounds.

  • We will require that job descriptions are not exclusive and include language inviting different types of backgrounds, experiences and education.

  • We will build professional development plans to ensure that all staff have access to ongoing professional and personal development to allow them to progress where appropriate within the organization.

Increasing resources for Gender, Diversity Equity and Inclusion

  • We will build into our FY21 budget and planning, funding towards our commitment to Gender, Diversity and Inclusion

Internal Training on Diversity Equity and Inclusion

  • We will ensure all staff have access to Bias Training in addition to the YWCA USA Racial Justice 101 training.


  • Our Board of Directors will continue their already discussed plan to ensure greater diversity on the Board.

This is not an exercise that will end at a specific point but will involve continuous reflection on all our parts to ensure fairness, zero bias and equity. Our staff will translate this approach or ethos to our programming to ensure our clients have the same level of service and care that we would expect for ourselves.

Christine Duncan MSW


June 2020





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