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Reaffirming Our Commitment to Eliminate Racism and Empower Women

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YWCA-MC’s commitment to Eliminate Racism and Empower women is again taking center stage on the American platform.  Since our last update, the demonstrations against police brutality have intensified as more and more people realize ENOUGH! At the YWCA-MC we are increasing our own commitment to eliminate racism and empower women, our mission, with an effort to center anti racism in our work. At the same time, we continue to acknowledge the intersection between the public health pandemic, gender and racial justice. We need to consider why existing structural inequalities have been made highly visible during the crisis.

Why is it that women, and especially women of color have been disproportionately affected by Covid-19?  They tend to be on the front line, delivering services that are essential but poorly paid. Moreover, women of color face greater physical, psychological and financial impacts from Covid-19 due to structural and systemic racism. Because of these persistent, glaring inequities, the YWCA’s commitment  to Eliminate Racism and Empower Women remains more crucial than ever.

Today, YWCA-MC reaffirms our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to all levels of the organization. We are taking concrete steps at the YWCA to build an agency that reflects our shared values and brings more diverse perspectives to our teams. This also includes working to diversify our Board of Directors to better reflect the community we live and work in.  The roots of the YWCA movement lie in eliminating racism as we so proudly reflect in our mission. We also need to be cognizant that our organization also reflects greater diversity of gender and sexual orientation and representation of people from all protected characteristics. Click here to read our statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

If you are interested in becoming part of our board, we are always taking applications to review when a board member position becomes open.  Click Here to fill out our Board of Directors Application.

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