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Human Trafficking Awareness Day, 5 Facts You Should Know

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Human Trafficking awareness is an important first step in addressing the exploitation of children and adults. Monterey County is one of two hot spot locations for Human Trafficking. Many of the faces we see on the street daily are those enslaved to another.

Five Human Trafficking Awareness facts you may not be aware of:

There are more than 40 million victims of modern-day slavery. That’s more than the entire population of California.

On any given day there are 400,000 people enslaved in the United States. This includes Domestic Servitude and Labor Trafficking, Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, and Sex Trafficking.

One in 5 of those are children. Also known by the acronym CSEC, the exploitation of children is abhorrent and needs to stop.

65% of underage victims were recruited online through Facebook. 14% were recruited through Instagram and 8% were recruited through SnapChat.

The US Department of Labor identified 148 goods from 76 countries made by forced child labor. To see a list of countries and what exports exploit children, click here.

The YWCA-MC saw this glaring problem and began to take action by adding services specifically for Human Trafficking Survivors. Since then, our 2020 demographic is as follows:

 Human Trafficking in Monterey County

56% Were victims of sex trafficking

22% Survived sex and labor trafficking




Our Human Trafficking team is passionate about helping survivors of Human Trafficking. From the initial call for help to their next steps our team is dedicated to connecting survivors with resources to start again.

Trust the process. You may not feel like you’re strong, but you are because you’re still standing.” Lena Bustamantez. Human Trafficking Program Coordinator

domestic abuse resourcesYWCA-MC’s Human Trafficking Program Highlights

Conduct initial intake and assessment

Refer clients to internal and/or external agencies

Provide emergency services such as food, shelter and hygiene products

Ongoing case management

Provide financial assistance, when needed

Assist with Immigration Petition Services if qualified


The YWCA-MC is a non profit that relies on contributions to support survivors of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence.  You can make a difference by supporting us: