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As a Racial Justice Organization, YWCA Advocates For Equality

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As a racial justice organization, YWCA-MC is committed to ensuring that every person regardless of race is afforded equal opportunity and protection under the law. In recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we would like to bring awareness to the racial justice initiatives we expect Congress to take action on. Unfortunately, we find racial power dynamics embedded in our laws and public policies, impacting a broad range of issues across justice, education, health, civic engagement, and other sectors.

Women and girls of color have a unique experience that underscores the importance of swift and decisive action by policymakers. Government action at all levels needs to create and advance racial justice with a focus on safety. Reform efforts are necessary to expand gendered narratives to recognize the racialized violence and barriers to health and safety that women and girls of color experience every day. We believe racism is a public health threat and the CDC agrees. Now we are asking Congress.

YWCA-MC’s mission to eliminate racism and empower women demands that we advocate against oppression and inequality that many women of color endure. YWCA-MC would like you to join us in holding Congress  accountable in taking action to:

Pass legislation that declares racism a public health crisis and marshals resources across sectors
to promote health and well-being in communities of color;

Pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to ensure all persons have equal access to
the ballot box;

Pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act and take additional measures to enact laws that
safeguard people of color from police violence, increase police accountability, and eliminate
racial and religious disparities in policing;

Pass the Women’s Health Protection Act and ensure equal access to safe, legal abortion care;

Support inclusive school curriculums that acknowledge the marginalized experiences and
perspectives of communities of color.

Eliminate school discipline disparities, enhance school climate, and protect the rights of all
students through the Counseling Not Criminalization Act and the Ending PUSHOUT Act

It is time for Martin Luther King Jr’s vision of racial justice in the US to be fully recognized and YWCA-MC is here for it.

If you would like to support our YWCA-MC’s mission to eliminate racism and empower women, please consider donating here: