Safe Dates Curriculum

YEA employs the adolescent dating abuse prevention program called Safe Dates by Hazeldon. Safe Dates is an evidence-based program that educates youth and adolescents on how to identify and prevent dating violence. Through ten engaging sessions, students learn the causes of dating violence, how to help friends in abusive relationships, common gender stereotypes regarding dating violence, and important prevention techniques.

When studying the efficacy of the program, compared with controls, adolescents receiving Safe Dates reported significantly less physical, serious physical, and sexual dating violence perpetration and victimization 4 years after the program

Safe Dates

Target Audience:

High School Students

Meeting times:

Monday 2:00 – 3:00 pm


2 cohorts per academic year, we recruit within the first few weeks of the semester/quarter.

Curriculum timeline:

10-week program, certificate upon completion

Safe Dates Curriculum Outline:

  • Patterns of Dating Abuse

  • Sexual Abuse
  • Media and Gender

  • How to Help a Friend

  • Communication

  • How We Feel, How We Deal

  • Review


Emanuel Santillan, OPPA Supervisor

Evelyn Tapia, YEA Facilitator

Additional Resources

Email or Website
Services Provided

YWCA Crisis Line

(831) 757-1001; (831) 372-6300

Temporary Shelter Services

YWCA Main Office

(831) 422-8602 

Therapy, Legal Advocacy, CPO Classes, DV Courses

National Sexual Assault Hotline

(800) 656 – 4673

Connections to services in Monterey County

Monterey County Rape Crisis Center

(831) 771-0411

Advocacy Services, Child Abuse Treatment Program, Counseling, Help Line, Reporting Options