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Domestic Violence Shelter

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Domestic Violence shelter services has been at an all-time high since the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic. Providing domestic violence survivors with safety and security is a challenging priority. As such, we have been working to establish new pathways for clients. They will be able to access appropriate housing upon their exit from the shelter. We are excited to announce the introduction of a step-down residential housing program.  This new and exciting program will be launched later this month, Domestic Violence Awareness month. This initiative will be available to existing clients of the YWCA-MC and will increase the number of available bed nights for our clients by 60%. We recognize how integrating back into the community from the shelter is a big step.

Recognizing the intersectionality between domestic violence, substance use, and mental health, we also hope to extend this service to clients exiting substance use programs. They must also meet our criteria for Domestic Violence shelter services. Overall, expanding access to housing will allow clients to continue with safety planning, work on their mental health priorities, and make progress toward their other goals while receiving support from YWCA MC staff.

Our programs are made possible by the generosity of others.  This program in particular keeps families from becoming homeless or going back to a violent home.  If you can support survivors in our community, please consider donating to this incredibly helpful program.


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