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MC Gives Fundraising Week One

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MC Gives FundraisingMC Gives Fundraising is underway and the generosity of the Monterey Community is encouraging.  During these uncertain times, donating can be daunting yet the Monterey community is stepping up and donating to keep the YWCA-MC going.  As of November 20th, the first week,  we have had 14 donors raising $305 thus far.  We have a long way to go as our challenge gift, the number that will be matched is $13,605.  Thankfully we have some time!

MC Gives fundraising effort is our opportunity to fund the YWCA-MC’s important mission, the eliminate racism and empower women, for the entire year.  It’s our chance to involve the Monterey community in supporting the local Domestic Violence resource that helps families recover from Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking.

Our important work saves lives.

One in four women experiences violence from an intimate partner.  One in four!  Think of four female friends and realize one of them has had a violent relationship.  Recovering from abuse is a long hard road.  First, they need to get away from their abuser.  That is where we start, with our Domestic Violence Response team.  We get them to the shelter, safely away from their abuser.  The Safehouse is in a secret location and security is of the utmost importance.  Our Domestic Violence response team will meet with the survivors to establish a comprehensive plan to ensure their recovery.

Legal assistance is a major component to keeping survivors and their children safe from their abuser.  Legal assistance is costly, the court system generally is expensive. We provide these services free of charge for those in our program. Therapy is also a piece to the program, another expense we cover.   Housing assistance helps survivors create a new life free from violence.

The value of having a team on your side is immeasurable but we cannot provide that team without the help of MC Gives fundraising.  If you have ever recovered from an abusive relationship, you understand the value of our whole health approach.  If you are able to give, I ask that you donate to YWCA-MC during MC Gives fundraising.  Your contribution will help end the cycle of violence and you will be doing your part to end violence against women.


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