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It Takes Donations

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It takes donations to keep YWCA-MC able to provide support to those suffering in our community.  YWCA-MC is a non profit with a two million dollar operating budget.  Providing a 24 hour crisis line along with staffing the safehouse, the community has come to depend on YWCA-MC for life saving services.  Our services save lives and give survivors of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking the chance at a new start.

We take a holistic approach to healing the wounds of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking.  Providing mental health services is a key to this holistic approach identifying the trauma experienced or the trauma that caused bad decisions.  The cycle of violence is deeply entrenched in the psyche of survivors. But financial constraints should not hinder healing from trauma.  We believe everyone deserves to be able to work through their issues, that finances should not dictate a healthy future.

Monterey County Gives! us a boost

Each year during the months of November and December we work with Monterey County Gives in order to take advantage of their matching donation program essentially funding our efforts year after year.  This years campaign has been challenging.  While most Monterey County community members support the idea of our services, it is disapointing to see animal shelters recieve more funding then families experiencing violence. Women who need help leaving and the crisis line literally saves lives.  Not that animals are not victims, it’s just hard that they are far from equal to ours.

It takes donations to provide our programs to suvivors of crisis within our community. Community support is necessary to elevate Monterey County.  Challenges this year have compounded an already difficult financial outlook, but our cost to operate has only increased. Often mentioned as a shadow pandemic, the instances of Domestic Violence has never been higher and the need for our organization is unending.  Covid may go away but the damage to families will linger.


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