Year: 2020

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human trafficking statistics

Human Trafficking Statistics Show the Need for Our Programs

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Human Trafficking statistics show women and children are at the most risk of becoming victims of human trafficking.  Both labor and sex trafficking are types of Human trafficking that continue to thrive in the streets of Monterey County. Helpless victims include children under the age of 18.  In 2019, as in past years, just over… Continue Reading Human Trafficking Statistics Show the Need for Our Programs

ywca-mc client stories

YWCA-MC Client Stories

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

YWCA-MC Client stories are both inspiring and informative. Our various life changing programs and dedicated staff helps our clients create and achieve their goals. Client “E” had become homeless after leaving an unhealthy relationship.  YWCA-MC staff referred “E” to other local agencies and resources as well as the Safe Shelter Collaborative and wait lists for… Continue Reading YWCA-MC Client Stories

thank you district attorney's office

Thank You Monterey County District Attorney’s Office

Monday, December 21, 2020

Thank you Monterey County District Attorney’s office for recognizing our needs and providing support to YWCA-MC through gifts to our clients and their families.  They brought toys and food and we would like to recognize and thank them for their contribution. YWCA-MC provides life saving services such as a Crisis line, Safe House, Legal assistance… Continue Reading Thank You Monterey County District Attorney’s Office

step down housing program

New Step Down Housing Program

Monday, December 21, 2020

YWCA-MC introduced a new Step Down housing program intended to help women and their children secure permanent housing.  The YWCA-MC just received funding that will help establish another Step down house. This new housing program will help more women and their children into permanent housing for the year to come. We continuously strive to supply… Continue Reading New Step Down Housing Program